About the opera

Technical specifications


- address: Aleja Zwycięstwa 15, 80-219 GDAŃSK
- cubic capacity: 56.688m3
- gross covered area: 4.433m2
- usable area: 9.430m2

download file: Vocabulary used in files and fotos


- stage width (usable): 15m
- technical ceiling height: 16.5m
- stage depth (curtain to batten no. E47): 16.5m
- floor: black matte wooden boards
- portal width: 10.5m (portal towers fixed)
- portal height: od 4.5m do 6.5m (flexible)
- number of battens: batten list: [download file],[foto]
a) manually operated: 38 pcs + 6 side battens
b) electrically driven: 9 pcs
- battens: pipe - 60mm in diameter, 12m long (+2m telescopic battens)
- maximum batten load: up to 220kg for the manually operated battens and 200kg for the electrically driven battens
- masking black:
a) 6 sets of 3.5x12m wings, perpendicular to the proscenium
b) 3 pairs of 4.5x9m wings, diagonal in relation to the proscenium
c) borders: (4 pcs) 3.5x12m each
d) backdrop: (2 pcs) 7x12m each
e) backdrop: (1 pc) 10x12m
f) backdrop in 2 pieces (2pcs), each measuring 10x7m
g) backdrop in 2 pieces (2 pcs), each measuring 14x7m
- main curtain - material: multilayer burgundy coloured CLIVIA; manually operated (from the left side of the scene) fly curtain (opening upwardly)
- projection screens (5 pcs):
a) white double side projection screen, located in the portal - 7x12m
b) grey, front projection (3 pcs) – each measuring 14x17m
c) black portable screen measuring 3x4m
- WAMAT aluminium platforms (114 pcs): (width/lenght/height) 100x200x20-100cm (possible height 300cm);
- cross-beams – aluminium, 290x290mm; cross-beam list:[download file]
- scaffolding and lifts:
a) movable scaffold KiS 08/17; working height up to 12.5m; maximum load - 150kg
b) movable scaffold ClimTec; working height up to 7m; maximum load - 180kg
c) Genie AWP-40S lift; working height up to 14m; maximum lift capacity - 136kg technical plan – stage only:[download file]
profile plan – stage only: [download file]
technical plan - stage & auditorium: [download file]
profile plan - stage & auditorium: [download file]


- ramp (gate) no. 1 from the side of multiplex cinemas (Multikino) (right side of the stage) – rolling door (width/height) 2x3.35m, driveway width 3.45m (bridge); expandable ramp [foto]
- ramp (gate) no. 2 from the side of Al. Hallera (left side of the stage) – rolling door (width/height) 2.45x3.65m, elements up to 4m in length; heavy goods vehicles up to 7m in length; no ramp [foto]
- PR1000/1600 hand pallet truck, max lift capacity - 1000kg

Ramp arrangement plan: [download file]


- console: Strand Lighting, Light Palette VL (2 DMX ports, 24 submasters) [foto]
- control room located in the central part of the ground floor auditorium, under the balcony
- emergency console – portable: Strand Lighting 300 Series Console
- circuits – 295 regulated circuits with the following breakdown: stage – Strand Lighting, Wallrack 6x24 circuits - 2.5 kW each and 10x6 circuits - 5 kW each; auditorium - Strand Lighting, LD90, 4x24 circuits – 2.5kW each
- auditorium lights - controlled from outside the console
- stage floor sockets - 30 circuits (12 circuits on each side and 8 circuits on the rear wall of the stage; optional Socapex multipin connector) and additional three-phase power sockets on both sides of the stage -1x63A 5p or 2x32A 5p lighting equipment list (permanently installed and movable): [download file]
lighting plan - circuits: [download file]
lighting plan - addresses: [download file]


- mixer: YAMAHA LS9-32 [foto]
- sound output - auditorium: 6600W
- sound output - stage: 2600W
- sound control room with a window which can be opened, located on the ground floor of the auditorium, under the balcony, on the left side
- wireless listening system for the hearing impared available in the auditorium: IR SENNHEISER transmitter + RI150 listening receivers (mono) - 10 pcs

sound equipment list (permanently installed and movable):[download file]
sound equipment distribution plan – stage and audience: [download file]
microphone jack and speaker jack distribution plan – stage and audience: [download file]


- digital video switcher: DataVideo SE-500 - 3 pcs [foto]
- multimedia equipment control position is located inside the lighting control room (in the central part of the ground floor auditorium, under the balcony)
- standard installation site of projectors:
a) for front projection: from the lighting control room to the screen in the portal winow or to a screen hung at the stage; from the portal to the screen at the back of the stage
b) for rear (from back) projection: from the back of the stage to the screen in the portal window or to another rear projection screen hung on the stage
- stage action monitoring with display screens at the stage manager desk, in the lighting control room and in the sound control room, at the backstage corridors + a portable screen
- orchestra conductor monitoring (orchestra pit) with screens at the stage manager desk, the lighting control room and the sound control room, on portal towers CRT 21’’, screens in the auditorium (LCD – 42’’ – 2pcs), portable display screens (TV CRT 21’’ -1pc, TV CRT 15’’ – 3pcs, TV LCD 32’’ – 2pcs)
- lyrics projection screen: display (orange LED) located above the portal; 2 lines of 55 characters; computer controlled from the director's room located in the ground floor auditorium, under the balcony, on the right; multimedia equipment list:[download file]
multimedia equipment distribution plan: [download file]


- stage manager desk – right side of the stage [foto]
- radio centre with stage sound monitoring to all backstage rooms
- wired intercom providing connection with the lighting control room, the sound control room, director's room, follow spot operators’ positions and with the technical crew responsible for curtains
- stage action monitoring (control monitor)
- monitoring of the orchestra conductor in the orchestra pit (control monitor)
- signalling – curtain, battens, stage action
- clock, stopper and thermometer in the stage manager desk
- wireless intercom - HME DX200: HME WH200 headsets – 10pcs Intercom distribution plan – stage and auditorium:[download file]


- width of the proscenium: 10.5 to 18m
- height of the proscenium (to the audience ceiling): 9.5m
- depth to the curtain (with orchestra pit closed): 6m
- depth to the curtain (with orchestra pit opened): 2m 

Proscenium – technical plan & profile plan: [download file]


- seating: 55
- equipment: orchestra conductor’s podium, orchestra conductor’s stand with lighting, 40 sets of music stands with lighting
- permanent depth (to the scene level): 2.35m
- manually covered (boards) from the top

Orchestra pit plan: [download file]


- ground level dressing rooms: 2 rooms (with possibility of use during rental)
- first floor dressing rooms: 7 rooms (with possibility of use during rental)
- second floor dressing rooms: 6 rooms
- restrooms and showers: ground floor, first floor, second floor; in the central part of the hallway
- buffet for employees: basement level, under large ballet room

dressing rooms equipment list: [download file]
dressing rooms location plan: [download file]


large ballet room: width/lenght: 14x15m – location – ground floor
equipment – sound system: loudspeakers - Peavey PR15, amplifier + line mixer, double CD player, DVD player, 40” LCD TV set; piano; mirrors; horizontal bars [foto]
small ballet room: 9x14m – III floor
equipment – sound system: loudspeakers - Peavey PR12, amplifier + line mixer, single CD player, DVD player, CRT 21” TV set; piano; mirrors; horizontal bars [foto]
orchestra rehearsal room: 7x18m – I floor
equipment – grand piano, 65 chairs, 45 music stands, conductor’s podium and stand [foto]
choir rehearsal room: 9x12m - basement
equipment – grand piano, 49 chairs, 42 music stands, conductor’s podium with seat and music stand [foto]
rehearsal room: 9x14m – III floor
equipment – grand piano, table, chairs and music stands as needed[foto]


- seating: 472+4 for the disabled
- distribution of seats:
a) front stalls (rows I to VIII) - 184 seats
b) rear stalls (rows IX to XVII) - 232 seats + 4 seats for the disabled
c) balcony - 56 seats

auditorium plan – ground level: [download file]
auditorium plan – balcony: [download file]


- area: 600m2
- cloakroom and restrooms for spectators (down the staircase in the central part of the foyer)
- small drawing room (rental is possible)
- buffet for spectators
- permanent sound system (junction box to the right of the buffet):
a) amplifier: CREST Audio LT2000 - 1 unit
b) loudspeakers: DAS Factor5 - 8 pcs – along the entire length of the foyer with a possibility of using additional 4 DAS Factor5 loudspeaker units
- possibility to set up a stage measuring up to 40m2
- possibilty of installing regulated or non-regulated lighting (up to 24kW) and movable sound system along the entire length of the foyer

plan of the foyer: [download file]
foyer lighting plan: [download file]
foyer sound system plan: [download file]


- internal garden with complete lighting and sound systems
- entrance from the foyer and the audience
- area: 550m2
- possibility to set up a stage measuring up to 20m2 in the part next to the auditorium exits
- possibility to set up tables and chairs for audience

patio plan: [download file]
patio lighting plan: [download file]
patio sound system plan: [download file]


- 100 parking spaces at the corner of Al. Hallera and Towarowa street [foto]
- 150 parking spaces at Multikino cineplex (surcharge) [foto]
- employee car park between the Baltic Opera building and Multikino cineplex [foto]
car parks location plan: [download file]


- main entrance (entrance for spectators, box offices) from the side of Multikino [foto]
- employee entrance from Towarowa street [foto]
- public transport in the vicinity of the Opera [download file]



Audition for the Ballet Ensamble

Baltic Opera in Gdańsk announces audition for the Ballet Ensamble for the 2018/19 season.

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